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accident attorney houston texas

When you or a loved one is hurt in a car accident, there is more to do than get medical help. There are medical bills, costs to repair or replace your vehicle and questions about when and if you can return to work. best car accident lawyer Houston This is in addition to dealing with an insurance company that is trying to settle your injuries before they have a chance to heal. accident attorney Houston texas.

At AK Law Firm: Injury Lawyers, our Houston car accident attorneys dedicate themselves to collecting the maximum compensation allowed by law for car accident victims. Our law firm is:

Focus only on personal injury law

Committed to our customers and their needs

Aggressive when negotiating on behalf of our customers

Willing to take your case for hearing to get maximum compensation

Dedicated to open and honest communication with customers

Contact us today for a free consultation. We will respond quickly to set up a free initial consultation and start working on your Car Accident claim. accident attorney Houston texas Our Car Accident Lawyer works on a contingency fee basis, which means we get paid only when we collect compensation for you.

accident attorney houston texas

Why Hire a Houston Car Accident Lawyer?

Car accident cases are often complicated and require the help of experienced Accident Lawyers. Insurance companies will offer an inadequate settlements to victims who are not aware of the value of their accident claim and try to settle quickly, knowing that the victims need to pay medical bills and other expenses. A car accident lawyer has 8 strong victim lawyers who stand up and demand fair and just compensation for the claims.

AK Law Firm Houston car crash attorneys will perform the following functions:

Examine your car wreck and identify all responsible parties

Find out all applicable insurance policies, whether they are held by you or another responsible party

Get your medical records for our experts to review and determine your prognosis for recovery

Account for your past, present, and estimated costs and losses due to accidents, including future financial and medical care needs

File an accident claim with the insurance company and conduct all necessary settlement negotiations

File an auto accident lawsuit in the appropriate court

If necessary, present your case at trial before the court

If you already have a settlement offer from an insurance company, it is prudent to have it reviewed by a lawyer for AK Law Firm: Injury Lawyers. Our Houston personal injury attorneys can assess your car accident claim and ensure that any settlement amount and terms will cover not only your current needs but also any future unforeseen expenses. car accident attorney Houston texas.

accident attorney houston texas

What type of compensation can be recovered in Accident Claim?

Several factors are taken into consideration while determining the amount of compensation to be received by a car accident victim. accident attorney Houston texas These include all items related to an accident with a fixed monetary cost, called pecuniary damage. Items that cannot be appraised are known as non-economic damages. car accident attorney Houston texas.


Economic disadvantages are as follows:

  1. Hospitalization
  2. Doctor bills
  3. Rehabilitation
  4. Prescription drugs
  5. Prosthetics
  6. Surgery
  7. Lost wages
  8. Loss of income
  9. Property damage and replacement
  10. Disability


Non-economic losses may include:

Pain and suffering

Mental and emotional trauma

Loss of consortium

Loss of quality of life

Wrongful death expenses, such as funeral and burial costs

In some cases, punitive damages are also available in Texas. Punitive damages are damages done to punish bad behavior and discourage it from happening in the future. car accident attorney Houston texas punitive damages are rare and available only when ordered by a court; An experienced Houston car accident attorney can explain further.

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