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auto insurance quotes

Renew or Car Insurance - Buy Online!

Whether you need a simple third-party insurance to satisfy the legal requirements or a comprehensive car insurance to protect or indemnify your valuable car, Digit lets you buy third-party, extensive or own at a reasonable cost. and you know what's the best? You can select your own IDV and get 7 other beneficial add-ons to suit your car. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); href="" target="_blank">auto insurance quotes So be it buy/renew or claim car insurance via Digit – everything is possible with our easy to follow online and smartphone process!

Add-on Covers Available with Digital Car Insurance

auto insurance quotes

Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover

Ideal for cars that are less than 5 years old, this add-on cover allows you to cover not only your car at the time of claim but also depreciation up to the amount spent on repair, maintenance or replacement of car parts,i. e. NIL By doing so, pays full price.

Return to Invoice' add-on

The 'Return to Invoice' add-on gives you a benefit equivalent to the amount mentioned in the car bill, in case of theft or non-recovery of the car, which also includes the registration amount of the new vehicle and road  tax.

Engine and gearbox protection cover

Generally, damage to the engine or gearbox is not covered by the cover unless it is caused by an accident. Therefore, if you need cover for this type of damage under all circumstances, be sure to get the Engine and Gearbox Protection add-on.

Tire protection cover

Damage to a tire is generally not covered by any normal car insurance – unless it happened during an accident. The Per Digital Tire Protection Cover add-on gives you protection and cover in all possible circumstances against common tire damages such as burst, sprains or cuts.

auto insurance quotes

Benefits of taking a car insurance policy

Avoid unwanted financial losses.

Whether you opt for third-party car insurance or comprehensive car coverage – both the options can protect you against losses during an undesirable accident, natural calamity, fire, theft and other accident. Together with this, a car insurance also saves you from heavy traffic fines! 

Stop problems caused by third-party damage

Accidents happen to everyone and they are difficult to avoid. However, with car insurance, you can save yourself hours of debate and recover your losses in situations where you accidentally harm someone else's car or property. 

Batter coverage and more benefits with add-ons

Comprehensive car insurance gives you better coverage and protection by providing you with a variety of add-ons like return bill, breakdown assistant, consumable cover, passenger cover, and zero depreciation add-on cover. comparison of auto insurance quotes.

helping to be a good citizen

Car insurance is not only a requirement but also a legal procedure, which should be followed by every good citizen. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, all car owners should have at least third-party insurance. Failure to do so may result in a fine of Rs 2,000 for the first error and Rs 4,000 for the second time.

Enjoy easy claims with Digital Car Insurance.

When we say we are simplifying insurance, we actually do it! We can understand that you have already invested a major part of your lifetime earnings in buying your car. auto insurance quotes compare That is why we try to make the claim process of the car insurance that meets your needs very simple.

When it comes to car insurance claims, there is only one thing that bothers the car owner the most – waiting for the people to come for the survey from the insurance company's. This also lengthens the claim process. To get rid of this, we have started the feature of self-inspection by smartphone for you with the help of technology. With this you can file a claim in less than 7 minutes.

When your car gets damaged due to an accident or natural calamity, the last thing you want to do is worry about the money spent on repairing it! And we understand this very well. auto insurance quotes allstate That's why we offer you the facility of cashless claims at over 5800 garages in India.

We believe in keeping everything digital and paperless without wasting time in paperwork. Everything can be uploaded online on our app, and you can enjoy a simple and quick claim process.

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