Office 365 Backup Solutions

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office 365 backup solutions

Microsoft 365 (Office 365) features contain basic data protection tools that require users to have extensive knowledge of versioning and the recycle bin, along with different default retention policies for each application. backup solution for office 365 Relying on these tools puts your organization's data and projects at risk from:

Accidental data loss caused by human error

Deletion of data by employees before departing the organization

Proliferation of ransomware assisted by file sharing and synchronization

Data loss and non-compliance penalties as a result of gaps in data retention policies

office 365 backup solutions

Office 365 Backup Solutions We rely on Office 365 to hold important corporate data and collaborative projects. With Druva, we can ensure that our data is secure and accessible, and Druva makes it easy to scale as our business expands. best office 365 backup solutions Now, key management tasks can be done with just a few clicks, saving time and making compliance much easier.

Peter Weber, Director of IT Operations, Workforce Software

Accidental Data Loss Protection

Supports a 3-2-1 backup policy with cloud-based data protection

Detects, investigates, and responds to Restores data threats due to loss

Restores and restores data to original locations with automatic search

Ransomware detection and recovery

Pre-emptive monitoring and notification of data risks

The separation of data and metadata simplifies data cleaning and retrieval

Multiple recovery options are available to recover files and file versions

Data compliance monitoring

Persistent data retention policy for all Microsoft 365 (Office 365) backups

A chronological view of data activities by users and administrators

Easily identify and treat sensitive data risks.

Legal hold and eDiscovery management

Unified legal restraint policies cross SaaS solutions, endpoints, data centers, and cloud-native workloads.

Policies enforced by user or time period

Integrates with third party eDiscovery tools.

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